Our Checklist for Visiting the ER


A visit to the hospital’s emergency room is difficult and when you have a food allergic child it is even harder.  For example, we can’t grab a snack at the hospital cafeteria while we are waiting to be seen.  We must inform each person who interacts with our child of their allergies to prevent accidental exposure.  We also scan the waiting room for food, try and sit away from people eating and ensure where we do choose to sit is free of food debris.

A couple of weeks ago Jaya had a high fever, severe headache, light sensitivity and complained of neck pain.   It was after our pediatrician’s regular office hours so we decided to go the ER.

This is what we took:

  1. Jaya’s health card & immunization record
  2. 2 Epi-pens
  3. Benadryl
  4. Her Asthma meds – Ventolin, Flovent & aerochamber
  5. Water bottles (2)
  6. Ear thermometer
  7. Extra clothes for Jaya
  8. Neck pillow
  9. Snacks: Juice box, Made good granola bars, Sandwiches, Fruit, Cutlery & Napkins
  10. Hand Towel
  11. Plastic bags – for garbage and in case she threw up
  12. Paper towels
  13. Hand soap
  14. Some activities for her – a book, colouring pages & markers
  15. An iPad

We were in the ER from 7:30 pm to after 2 am.  Thankfully, the ER doctors ruled out meningitis.  It was a difficult and tiring night.  Being prepared helped us through it.

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