I am the proud mom of three lovely children, two of whom have life threatening food allergies.  I have been managing my children’s food allergies since 2006 and have recently started to chronicle our journey here.

Managing their allergies means I have to get past my introverted nature, and loudly advocate for their safety and inclusion in everyday activities.

Managing their allergies means teaching them to always carry their life saving medications, advocate for themselves, check labels and ask before eating.

Managing their allergies means promoting food allergy awareness, and the concept of shared responsibility where it takes more people than the individual with the allergy to keep them safe.  The responsibility to keep food allergic individuals safe starts with the individual but must include the food industry, food service providers, health care professionals, legislators, school staff at all levels of educations, and the list goes on.

Managing their allergies also means seeking treatment and so our journey with oral immunotherapy begins: