My Family

I am the mom of three kids.  My eldest has ezcema & anaphylactic food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts and soy.  My youngest has asthma, ezcema & anaphylactic food allergies to dairy, eggs, and peanuts & tree nuts. My middle daughter has no known allergies.

kids pic 2016 copy.jpg

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  1. Diane Lyons says:

    My name is Diane Lyons and I am a friend of Darlene and Tony Vu. She told me recently about your project challenges. My daughter has allergies to cashew and sesame and we are currently doing oit for cashew in Kitchener. She told me that ohip does not cover your therapy. I was wondering how much Dr Hanna and dr Mack are charging you? Our allergist may start charging next month and I am trying to get an idea what type of financial obligations we are looking at moving forward. Thanks so much!!!


    1. Hi Diane, great to hear your allergist is offering OIT. I understand if OIT is done in a hospital clinic it could be covered by OHIP. Dr Mack & Hanna are doing it in their office. Pls feel free to email me for more info.


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