Teal Pumpkins & an OIT update


During our October 5 visit to Burlington we noticed a large orange pumpkin at the reception desk.  We thought the office should have a teal pumpkin so last Thursday we took one along and presented it to Dr Mack and Dr Hanna.  It now sits atop the reception desk as a symbol of food allergy awareness.

The teal pumpkin project was started by a food allergy mom at Halloween to support the inclusion of kids living with food restrictions.  If a house has a teal pumpkin on display it means they are giving out non food items so those with food allergies can receive a safe treat.

You can read more about how it started here:


OIT update:

Sahil has been eating 2 peanuts daily since his last updose appointment.  He has complained of some coughing as well as an acidic taste in his mouth when he eats hot or sour foods.  This sounds like he is experiencing acid reflux and can be due to OIT.  Because he is having these symptoms Dr Mack and Dr Hanna suggested holding his dose at 2 peanuts for the next 2 weeks.

Jaya has complained of stomach aches a few times during the last two weeks of 1 mL milk daily.  It was decided to keep her at 1 mL for the next 2 weeks.  Dr Mack also suggested trying lactose free milk to see if that alleviates her stomach issues.

So we continue at the same doses and see how it goes…..

Dr Mack gives Jaya her dose.  Dr Hanna was also in the office that day so we got to see her too!


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