OIT Updose #13 & Still Holding at #10


Sahil updosed to 2 whole peanuts today.  Dr Mack congratulated him on coming this far in the OIT journey and asked Sahil how much further he would like to go.  Sahil said he would like to reach the end of Dr Mack’s protocol which is 4 peanuts a day.  This would allow Sahil to eat food without having to worry about cross contamination with peanuts.

Dr Mack also reviewed Sahil’s bloodwork from December 2015 which showed his IgE antibody levels to individual tree nuts range from 0.77 to 4.84.  His peanut IgE was >100.

Normal IgE levels should be <0.35 but these tests have a high rate of false positives especially in atopic individuals.  An elevated allergen specific IgE result means the person likely has an allergy, however the number does not predict the potential severity of a reaction.  An oral food challenge is needed to confirm an allergy diagnosis. But Sahil never had an oral food challenge to any tree nuts as our previous allergist advised us to avoid them just based on bloodwork and skin prick results.

Dr Mack says he will order bloodwork again after Sahil has completed peanut OIT and is in the maintenance period.  He will then challenge Sahil to individual tree nuts.    We are also hoping his soy allergy will diminish due to the peanut OIT since soy and peanut are both in the legume family.

Jaya was sick for most of September so she was not able to updose again.  She will continue at 1 mL of milk daily.  She asked me today: “When will I be able to eat stuff my friends eat like yogurt, cheese sticks and pizza?”.   I don’t know but I told her hopefully by September 2018.

Sahil and Jaya.  They are in this journey together.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Just to know why you don not do all nuts together theses days?

    Why are you not already trying each nut ( a little mm of each and each 30 min updose some mm, until one nut of each is eaten) in front of an hospital ( ex. Parc or cafeteria of hospital) each weekend , to know what nut is Sahil allergic too?

    Sahil is older than 6-7 years old and it is written in allergic article that it should be desensitize earlier possible. And Dr Mack is doing usually all nuts together? And at Stanford university they wrote protocole for all
    Nuts together?

    I read a lot articles and i have a friend is treated already in Quebec for all nuts together with peanuts with the stanford protocole. But no place yet for other patients. In that place in Qc.
    So i wait to my son be trested by dr mack. I send already my file.

    Please is he still doing All nuts together desensitization or just once at a time?

    I just wanted to help. It is important not waiting too long for older child.

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  2. Thank you Isabelle. I agree with you it is important to know about the tree nuts soon in case Sahil needs tree nut OIT. We didn’t try before because Sahil was fearful. Doing peanut OIT has given him the confidence to challenge the tree nuts. Dr Mack is doing multiple tree nut OIT as well.


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