OIT: Updose #10 & #11


OIT update

Jaya – Updose #10

Jaya has been tolerating her daily dose of 0.5 mL whole milk these past two weeks.  I did notice she has been clearing her throat during the last few days. I mentioned it to Dr Mack today and he said it could be due to seasonal allergies and post nasal drip.  He recommends Reactine.  Dr Mack felt comfortable updosing Jaya to 1.0 mL today.  I was extremely anxious as this was the same amount that caused the anaphylactic reaction on July 27.  I measured out the 1 mL of milk and gave it to her.  As per Dr Mack’s protocol she held it under her tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallowed.

I carefully watched her for any signs of a reaction.  She was fine.  She tolerated the dose!

It feels like a victory but also a stark reminder of how far she has yet to go to get to the goal of one cup or 250 mL of milk.

Sahil – Updose #11

Sahil has been eating 3/4 peanut (0.75 gram) daily for most of the last month.  He has a technique to eat the peanut and mask it’s taste.  He first eats a chocolate pudding cup, then the peanut dose, then a 2nd pudding cup.  Sahil said he felt ready to updose to 1 peanut (1.0 gram) today and Dr Mack agreed.  I measured out the 1 gram of peanut and Sahil ate it – in between pudding cups.  After about 15 minutes he said he did not feel good.  He said his stomach felt queasy.  He drank some water and rested.  The discomfort did not progress and after about an hour he felt better.

Sahil will continue on 1 peanut daily for the next two weeks.

Jaya will continue taking 1.0 mL of whole milk daily for the next two weeks.

Before we headed to Burlington this morning I met with Sahil’s new teachers.  As I do each year, I reviewed the recommendations for school staff and his fellow students to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.  I also told them about oral immunotherapy and that he would be missing school every other Thursday.  His teacher asked if Sahil would go on the grade 8 trip to Montreal at the end of the school year.  She did not know this but I have been thinking about the grade 8 trip since he entered grade one…worrying that he would not be able to participate.   Wondering how my child would manage his food allergies on an out of town trip without me.  

As his OIT treatment progresses I am hopeful that he will be able to go.  

My child. My children.  My greatest achievement.  May they be living arrows.






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  1. Isabelle says:

    Thanks for sharing. Congratulation to both your children so courageous.

    Just to tell you i am Living in Montreal and my son 6 yold is doing oit in Montreal in our children montreal hospital that is in down town near all visitor places and is very well organized to handle all reaction if something happen in trip in Montreal.

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  2. Thank you Isabelle. I am happy to know your son is also doing OIT. I wish you an uneventful smooth OIT journey to freedom from food allergies. We visited Montreal in 2013 and ate at Zero 8 . It was the first time my daughter ate at a restaurant which she did not do again until 2016 when top allergen free bakery/cafe Sorelle and Co opened just north of Toronto. We would love to visit Montreal again soon and go back to Zero 8.


  3. Suzanne Yoo says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I look forward to reading your updates. You give me so much hope! I am hoping to have my son start OIT with Dr. Hannah this December. Keep strong – you and your children are helping so many.

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    1. Thank you Suzanne! Maybe we will see you at Dr Mack/Dr Hannah’s office when you start OIT for your son. Also, not sure if you know we organize a fundraising walk for the Sick Kids Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis program called the Walk for Andrea on Sunday Sep 24 at Milne Park in Markham. Please check it out at http://walkforandrea.ca.


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