OIT: Small Steps

OIT update: Hold Dose at #10 & Updose #9

The last two weeks between our updose appointments have been a little rough.

Sahil was sick with a fever and congestion for several days so he was on the illness dose of 0.2 g for 5 days and the regular dose of 0.75 g (3/4 peanut) for just 8 days.  Since about mid-August he has been regularly congested so it may also be seasonal allergies (Ragweed) contributing to the congestion.  Because of the several days of illness doses Dr Hanna decided against updosing to 1 peanut so he will continue on 3/4 peanut for the next two weeks.

Sahil continues to hate the peanut taste.  I tried to mask the 3/4 peanut by slicing a snack size Mars bar and shoving the crushed peanut dose in to it. He enjoyed it at first but after a few days he refused to eat anymore Mars bars plain or peanutty.  Now he is eating the dose straight again immediately followed by 2 chocolate pudding cups.

Jaya has tolerated the 10 drops of undiluted milk for the last 2 weeks. When I measure out 10 drops of milk it is equivalent to 0.3 mL.  Dr Hanna decided to updose Jaya to 0.5 mL still below the dose of 20 drops which caused Anaphylaxis 4 weeks ago.  I was still incredibly nervous that she wouldn’t tolerate it and we’d be witnessing a repeat of last month.  Thankfully she tolerated it.

Our next appointment will be during the first week of school.  This week we are busy preparing for back to school – along with the usual stuff like getting haircuts, buying school supplies and some new clothes we are checking on expiration dates on epi-pens, asthma inhalers, filling out the anaphylaxis emergency plan for their schools, and emailing principals to schedule meetings with their new teachers to review the precautions needed to keep them safe.

Back to school is always an anxious time for me as I have to trust their care to others. My dream is for OIT to eliminate the bulk of these worries by the start of the next school year 2018-2019.  Small steps.



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  1. C says:

    Yes, at work, that is part of my job to list all kids with allergies, fill out parent forms with instructions etc. It is nerve wracking.
    Good luck with everything.

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