Quick OIT update

Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Walk for Andrea. I am busy getting things together for the event so this is a quick update about our appointment this past Thursday.

OIT Updose #12

Sahil updosed to 1.5 peanuts! He tolerated the dose and did not complain of any symptoms.


Jaya was not able to updose.  She has been sick for the last week and a half with a fever and cough. We have to continue on the illness dose of 0.25 mL of milk until she’s better. Once she’s better I will contact her allergist for direction on how to proceed.

Anika has been singing the Beatles song Blackbird around the house for the past week. It’s one of my favourite songs by the Beatles. Although it was written about racism I find the words resonate with me in a different way.  When I hear “all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free” I think about being set free from life threatening food allergies.  I weep when I listen to it.  Even more so today upon learning of the death of 15 year old Jacob MacDonald on Friday due to an allergic reaction to peanuts.

Tomorrow we walk to honour Andrea but we will also remember all those who have been lost to food allergy.




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