OIT: Updose #6 (sort of)

We were in Burlington this past Thursday for updose #6.

Jaya had a slight fever and was very congested.  Dr Hanna thought her symptoms could either be due to a cold or the onset of a seasonal allergy.  Oral Immunotherapy is individualized because the dosing schedule is affected by many factors which can increase the risk of a reaction including illness and seasonal allergies.  So Dr Hanna decided not to updose her.   Jaya remains on 32 drops of the diluted milk for another two weeks.

Sahil received his updose #6 so he is now on 5 mL of the 5mg/mL peanut solution.  Dr Hanna says this is equivalent to about 1/8 of a peanut.

Sahil hates taking his daily dose.  He used to take it after eating applesauce but now he cannot stomach the taste of the applesauce so he eats a meal and some cookies before dosing.

He struggles to swallow it; he says it tastes awful. The solution is super sweet and sticky. He will be on the peanut solution until updose #8 when he will switch to 1/4 of an actual peanut.  Perhaps he will tolerate the taste of real peanut better.

When I see him struggling to swallow his dose I wonder if pursuing OIT is worth it.

We could go on avoiding the allergens but the impact of avoidance on our lives is so great that in avoiding allergens we avoid living life.

I tell him I am sorry it tastes terrible and I wish there was an easier way.  He says it’s okay.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Please tell Sahil that his courage is helping so many including my son. I look forward to reading every update.


    1. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful words of encouragement which I will convey to Sahil.


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