OIT : Updose #5

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I am writing this after taking Jaya back to school after she ate lunch at home.  Today is Friday  which is pizza day at Jaya’s school.  On Fridays, the whole student body and some staff eat pizza for lunch so the school smells of it and Jaya’s classroom is no exception. With every student around her eating cheese pizza I prefer to bring her home for lunch on pizza days.  Pizza lunches are ubiquitous in publicly funded schools because this weekly ritual generates thousands of dollars to augment funds received by the government.  So, even though Jaya is excluded, pizza lunches are here to stay.

Yesterday we drove to Dr Mack and Dr Hanna’s new office.  It is a much larger space than the previous place so we were able to stay in the treatment room for our whole appointment instead of moving out in to the waiting room.

Dr Mack asked us how the last 3 weeks of dosing has been.  Sahil explained he occasionally experiences a mild chest pain 5 minutes to 20 minutes after his dose.  The pain quickly resolves by drinking water.  Sahil feels the pain is worse if he does not eat enough prior to taking the dose.  He is also experiencing symptoms of environmental allergies so I had given him Reactine often during the past 3 weeks.

Sahil’s peanut dose was increased to 2.4 mL (from the previous 1 mL) of the peanut solution.   This is equivalent to 1/16 of a peanut.

Jaya’s milk dose was increased to 32 drops (from the previous 16) of the diluted solution.

They both ingested their doses and we stayed at the office for another 1.5 hours for monitoring.  Both did not display any symptoms after the dose.

OIT gives me hope that there will be a Friday soon when Jaya can stay at school for lunch and maybe even have a slice of pizza.  Imagine that!


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