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At the end of August, my youngest daughter Jaya successfully passed an oral food challenge for almonds.  Since then, I have been giving her almond milk regularly and she seems to be tolerating it.

Late last month, we returned to her allergist for a second oral food challenge – this time for walnuts.

I bought walnuts in the shell to ensure no cross contamination with her other allergens which are dairy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts (except almond).  When I checked the package it said “may contain peanuts, other tree nuts, soy and sesame”.  I don’t understand how walnuts in closed shells can contain those other foods.  But to be safe I washed the walnuts and dried them before cracking them open.  I knew Jaya would not be able to eat the raw nuts so I made chocolate walnut butter by blending together the walnuts, some canola oil and top allergen free chocolate chips.

It still didn’t taste that great but Jaya consumed 7 doses about 15 – 20 minutes apart starting with a speck to eventually 1/4th cup. She was monitored for 2 hours after the final dose and because she did not react to the chocolate walnut butter she passed the oral food challenge!

So, she is not allergic to walnuts.  This also clears her to try pecans since walnuts and pecans are in the same family and most who are not allergic to walnuts can eat pecans safely.

She can now eat:

Image result for checkmarkAlmonds

Image result for checkmarkWalnuts

Image result for checkmarkPecans (yet to try)

We have to ensure the foods she has passed are incorporated in to her diet so today I am making chocolate chip banana walnut cake (free of dairy, egg, peanuts and other tree nuts).

Later this month we will return for a hazelnut challenge.

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  1. Congratulations, Jaya!!

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