One Nut at a Time

Sahil started peanut oral immunotherapy a year ago with a suspension containing the starting dose of 1/1000th of a peanut.  He reached the maintenance dose of 2 whole peanuts (2 grams) in October 2017.

Peanut maintenance update:

Since December 2017, Sahil has been sick twice with upper respiratory viruses.  Because of this we had to drop his daily maintenance dose to the illness dose of 0.5 peanut (0.5 gram) for many weeks.  After being on the illness dose for an extended period we are slowly increasing his dose back to the regular daily maintenance dose of 2 peanuts.

Oral Food Challenge update:

Sahil has been eating a couple of almonds every other day since he successfully passed an almond challenge in November 2017.

Yesterday Sahil had an oral challenge for walnuts.

Sahil’s challenge started with a speck of walnut and gradually increased every 15 to 20 minutes until he reached the 8th and final dose of 4 walnuts.  After the final dose he was observed in office for 2 more hours.

It was thankfully an uneventful food challenge.  He successfully passed!  Dr Mack said that pecans are in the same family as walnuts so he is cleared for pecans too.

Passing time in between doses: Sahil listening to music on his iPod.
3rd dose of walnut (UR). Final dose of walnuts (LR)


Sahil can safely eat: 

Peanut (2 per day)                            




Remaining oral food challenges:  Cashew (if he passes he’ll be cleared for Pistachio too), Hazelnut, Soy

Please read my Earlier post  to learn why we are doing the food challenges now.

Next up: Cashew (in a few weeks)




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  1. Sonia Dhawan says:

    So happy for Sahil and your family that he’s cleared one more challenge!

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