OIT: Updose #3


Today we were in Burlington for updose #3.

Jaya has been sick for the last 2 days with a fever, runny nose & stomach ache so I wasn’t sure if Dr Mack would do the updose today but he did.

Jaya will now be on 8 drops of the diluted milk solution.

Ten minutes after she was given the updose Jaya sneezed six times and complained of itchiness in her right ear.   The itchy ear resolved but her nasal congestion persisted. (Well, she is sick!)    Dr Mack advised us to continue on the illness dose (2 drops) tomorrow and for as long as she is sick.   If she is on the illness dose for more than 3 days we are to call his office for directions re: amount of next dose.

Sahil is now on 4 mL of the diluted peanut solution which Dr Mack administered in two 2mL doses.  Sahil tolerated the dose without any issues.

Still a long way to go…

The goal for Jaya is to reach the end dose of 250 mL of UNdiluted milk.  The goal for Sahil is to reach the end dose of 4 peanuts.

Still taking tiny doses but these are baby steps to freedom.  These are my babies’ steps to freedom.

Still cautiously optimistic because not everyone tolerates OIT.

Praying for my kids to be two of the many success stories.


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  1. Suzanne Yoo says:

    I am so thankful that my friend (Darlene, you know her!) told me about your blog. I have already contacted our GP for a referral to Dr Mack’s office. I have been asking our allergist about clinic trials for so long and nobody has ever mentioned this doctor. Your journey gives me hope! I would also love more information on the walk you organize as I would like to participate. All the best to you and your brave children as they continue on this journey.

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    1. I’m so happy to read this Suzanne! Thank you for following my blog. You can find out more about the Walk for Andrea at http://walkforandrea.ca sometime in May. Or follow walkforandrea on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.


  2. Christine​ says:

    We are keeping our fingers crossed too.

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