Relief Evaporated

The relief I experienced on Thursday evaporated on Friday.

This is what happened:

7 pm : I gave Jaya the 2 mL milk dose; she complained of stinging under her tongue which is not unusual so I was not concerned. 

7:15:  She sneezed 5 times & sounded slightly congested.

7:30:  Her congestion seemed to be worsening; I gave her an antihistamine.

7:40: She complained of a slight tummy ache which subsided after a few minutes.

7:50:  Jaya seemed to be getting even more congested. She complained of her nose feeling completely blocked.  She started to scratch the palms of her hands.  She coughed. I noticed faint but large red splotches on her legs, chest and face. 

I got her epi-pen out ready to administer it.  Peter explained to her what was going to happen but I wavered – not wanting to make a mistake.

I ran downstairs to where I had three expired epi-pens and I quickly practiced my technique on an orange.  I ran back upstairs.

8:10: I gave her the epi-pen junior (0.15 mg)  in her left leg.  Jaya was saying “What happened? What happened? What did you do?”  She said she did not feel any pain in her leg just pressure so she did not know if I had given her the injection or not.  Peter was on the phone with  911 requesting an ambulance.

Almost immediately after administering the epi-pen Jaya felt better.  Her congestion was relieved and the coughing subsided.  The splotches remained.

We reached the hospital via ambulance by 8:45 pm.  Her blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation were monitored by the paramedics from the time they arrived at our home until we were handed over to the nursing staff at the hospital.

Jaya and I stayed at the hospital for 2 hours.  She was completely asymptomatic by the time the ER doctor saw us.  We were discharged.  Peter and I monitored her throughout the night and thankfully she remained asymptomatic.

Since last night I have been struggling with many different feelings.  Guilt for putting her through this.  Sadness that it is not going smoothly for her.  Fear that she will continue to have reactions if we continue.  Anger at the existence of food allergies.

Most of all, I am feeling unsure about whether to continue.



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  1. Isabelle says:

    I give you an award of super good courageous mom.

    You did exactly what your daughter needed. As soon as you saw the progression. And save her life.

    Who will do it when she will have 19 y old in the future ?

    Milk is every where. I know because i have 46 y okd abd struggle with that all my life.

    I wish i had a mom like you trying to gave me Oit to try free me of that alkergy. At least to diminish it. I hope you will continue oit. Even almost homeopathic oit.

    My son after 1 year of researc oit of just 1 peanut/ day x 1 y: eats 10 peanut at ebd challenge yesterday!!!

    Litte 1 mg of milk took long months will have an effect to desensitize.

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    1. Thank you Isabelle for your support & encouragement. I am very happy for you & your son – it is wonderful to hear of his OIT success.


  2. The ups and downs are so emotionally, psychologically and physically difficult.

    Tomorrow, we face our


  3. (I clicked “post” by accident)

    …Tomorrow, we face our baked egg challenge, which was not successful last year. I really don’t want to face the threat of anaphylaxis again, but succeeding means hope that she’ll be free of this one day. I have to bake these muffins now, but my heart’s beating fast every time I think of it.

    I really appreciate your post once again.

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  4. Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts. I wish you all the best for tomorrow. I understand how you are feeling. I didn’t sleep the night before Sahil’s almond challenge a couple weeks ago. I will be thinking of you & your daughter tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts for a successful baked egg challenge.


  5. Amy Massie says:

    Wow Mama. Great job! It’s so hard.

    We had a similar experience in May 2016.
    Now my son is on an OIT protocol for Milk. I tell him about how we are working to help him, but also to help other kids in the future.

    All the very best to you!!

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    1. Thank you! All the best to you & your son.


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